Yuma Kishi (岸 裕真)


  • cinema, 2021

  • protrusion #7, 2021

  • job (Gas Station Staff), 2021

  • protrusion #1, 2021

  • kokuhaku (confession), 2021


Yuma Kishi considers AI, not as something that imitates people, but as an alien intelligence from another dimension. By installing this intelligence in his own body and lending it as a substitute, he creates works that place digital intelligence and the analog body in a parallel relationship. 
In his works, Kishi often borrows motifs from past art history and distorts them by combing this imagery with technology to evoke a sense of momentary dislocation in the viewer’s awareness of the self and the world that exists in the here and now.
The artist’s work has been featured by the likes of NIKE and VOGUE, and he remains active in a variety of fields. 

Artist HP| https://obake2ai.com/top

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[Solo Exhibitions]

2022 Art Fair Tokyo 2022, √K Contemporary, Tokyo

2021 Imaginary Bones, √K Contemporary, Tokyo

2021 Neighbors’ Room, BLOCK HOUSE, Tokyo


[Group Exhibitions]

2021 √K Collection Winter 2022,  √K Contemporary, Tokyo

2021 Approaches to Paintings reprise, √K Contemporary, Tokyo

2020 Allelopathy in the Wasteland, MITSUKOSHI CONTEMPORARY GALLERY, Tokyo

2020 Fujisanten3.0 T-ART HALL, Tokyo

2019 Eureka Exhibition, Gallery Water, Tokyo