【Updated】Seiko Mikami, Eye-Tracking Informatics June to August Viewing Schedule


The 2023 viewing schedules for legendary media artist, Seiko Mikami’s interactive artwork, Eye-Tracking Informatics is as follows:

June 13 (Tue) to 30 (Fri)
July 1 (Sat) to 15 (Sat), 25 (Tue) to 29 (Sat)
August 1 (Tue) to 26 (Sat)
* Closed on Sundays & Mondays

Please note that the viewing times for Mikami’s work differ from the gallery’s opening hours. Please be sure to check the exhibition’s details, viewing dates, and times before making a reservation.

Exhibition Website: https://root-k.jp/exhibitions_en/seiko-mikami_eye-tracking-informatics/




【On Reservations】
Reservations are necessary for visitation.
For those who would like to visit, please contact √K Contemporary with your name, number of participants, and desired date and time.

Reservations are allotted in order of inquiry, so please mind that not all requests may be catered to.
Visitors who visit on the day without reservations will be directed to openings in line with the day’s availability.

Contact|√K Contemporary
Tel: 03-6280-8808 / Email: info@root-k.jp *

Viewing Times|Every 30 minutes from 14:00, last entry at 18:00 (Approx. 20 min per session)

Tel: 03-6280-8808 / Email: info@root-k.jp *

* Please mind that is a chance that our email has been marked as spam. To ensure that our email is sent to your inbox, please make sure that our email is listed in your Safe Sender List. If you have not received a response from us for some time, please check your spam and trash folders. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.