Opening July 25|0 // 2023 Public Visuals Exhibition

We are proud to announce the opening of 0 // 2023 Public Visuals Exhibition, a group show showcasing an international lineup of approx. 31 artists. Held in collaboration with 0 // 2023 Public Visuals, a series of audio-visual events that began in New York in 2019, the multimedia exhibition will be on view from July 25 (Tue) to August 5 (Sat) in the B1F of the gallery.

A coalescence of art and technology, the exhibition will feature a number of interdisciplinary artists with a range of backgrounds from countries such as Japan, America, Argentina, Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, and Sweden. Different from the typical “white cube” exhibit, several live performances and events will take place during the course of the show, in addition to a presentation of a variety of media art, from installations to video and sound art.

Learn more by visiting the exhibition website: