Kosai Hori + Erize Hori Live Performance (March 19, 2021)


Kosai Hori + Erize Hori will host a live performance event on March 19 (Fri) 6:30pm.

10 years on since the disaster, see how the artist unit interacts with their video and sound installation piece, To Remember – Who Am I?, during this commemorative period.

Event Details
Schedule: March 19 (Friday) from 6:30pm
Venue: Space √K (B1F √K Contemporary, 6 Minamicho Shinjuku-ku)
Entry: 800yen (Part of the proceeds will go towards the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support)
Capacity: 20 people

Reservations will be allotted to those who first inquire, so be sure to contact the below in advance!
Email: info@root-k.jp
Tel: 03-6280-8808