“Azerbaijani Cuisine” by KamART Gallery & the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Japan


Organized by the members of KamART Gallery and the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Japan, the exhibition “Azerbaijani cuisine” will open to the public on March 17 (Sun). This is a one-day event, so please take this opportunity to join us on this very special occasion.

On the Exhibition
The holding of the exhibition at sunrise, in the country where the Sun first dawns, coincides with the Nowruz holiday and is dedicated to Azerbaijani cuisine.

As one of the oldest and richest cuisines in the world, Azerbaijani cuisine, as an important component of material culture, harmoniously combines the history of culinary culture, traditions, as well as practical habits created by the Azerbaijani people in the areas where they historically lived in complete harmony with the environment.

8 artists participate in the exhibition dedicated to the creativity of young artists, and 33 paintings on canvas will be displayed. In the works, colorful hot and cold dishes and desserts of Azerbaijan are presented with interesting compositions. People’s living and household style, ethnography are also reflected here.

During the exhibition, paintings in different styles and sizes, created in different genres of fine art, still life, landscape, household and appliances, will be displayed.

The purpose of the exhibition is to draw the attention of the international community to the richness of Azerbaijani cuisine and traditions, to increase the interest and development of Azerbaijani children and youth in visual arts, to reveal talented children, and to support them.
KamART Gallery has been operating in Baku since 2018. During this period, individual and group exhibitions of various scales and drawing competitions were organized for the development of our young artists.

Many of the members of the Gallery are participants and winners of national and international art competitions. Thus, they took part in drawing contests held in the USA, Japan, France, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece, Russia and many other countries, won worthy places and were awarded prizes.

The goal and task of KamART Gallery is to provide children and young people with the positive experience gained in the visual art system of the world, to strengthen their creative potential, to organize various projects and exhibitions in the direction of their social development, and to maintain national and spiritual values to constantly maintain feelings of struggle and nationality. It is always about inculcating and developing.


Azerbaijani Cuisine
Schedule| Saturday, March 17, 2024 11:00 – 19:00
Venue|  √K Contemporary
Organizer|KamART Gallery, Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Co-Operation|√K Contemporary

KamART Gallery Instagram|https://www.instagram.com/kamart_gallery