ON::OFF::ON Special Events !


Going beyond display, Gil Kuno’s most ambitious solo show to date,  ON::OFF::ON is an exhibition of installations, music, video, sculptures, and two-dimensional art that features a variety of events. From live performances that seek to unearth new sounds to artist-led workshops, it’s a perfect opportunity to experience a part of Kuno’s world.

For full details, please visit https://root-k.peatix.com.

[Unsound Experiments]
Unsound Experiments is a series of sound art performances held in conjunction with Gil Kuno’s solo exhibition, ON::OFF::ON.

Each event features a different artist/musician of the experimental music scene and performances will be filmed live at the venue for an exclusive live stream.

With an impressive line-up of sound art legends, this event is one you do not want to miss.


[Gil Lab Workshop]
Located in the basement of √K Contemporary, Gil Lab is an experimental art space where the artist, Gil Kuno, will exhibit and produce various works during the span of his show.

At the 1st Gil Lab Workshop, Gil Kuno and the 3D artist/VJ, Saeko Ehara will talk you through the basics of NFT.

We hear a lot about NFT these days, but what does it really mean in the context of art?
Or perhaps you’d like to buy some NFT, but never got around to figuring out how to.

Today, NFT is the word on everyone’s minds.
However, there seems to be no clear or straightforward way to wrap your head around it.

If this applies to you, perhaps this is the event for you.


[Gallery Talk] *Japanese Only

How would you define media art?
What is alternative art?
And what drives such a multifaceted artist like Gil Kuno to create?

These are the topics Kuno and curators and major figures in the art world will discuss in this series of events.


*For details on reservations and more, please visit: https://root-k.peatix.com/