Yuna Yagi (八木 夕菜)


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From New York to Canada, Berlin, and now, Kyoto, the Parsons NY graduate and artist, Yuna Yagi has spanned the globe throughout her career. With a focus on the “experience” of seeing, Yagi strives for the truth of things via her multi-faceted production. She is best known for her two-dimensional and three-dimensional works and installations, which appeal to the senses, and use of a variety of materials.


Yagi’s wide and diverse production spans from the creation of It’s One World (2015), a three-dimensional series of works that presents photos bound in acrylic blocks, to Collapsing World (2016), which applies algorithms to photographs to produce distorted images. Further highlights include Space For Prayer (2017), which considers the Japanese view of life and death through funeral halls in Japan, and BLANC / BLACK (2019) a series centered upon ideas of light and shadow. In 2018, she held a solo exhibition NOWHERE at the Pola Museum Annex Ginza. In 2016, Yagi was awarded the Hasselblad Award at the “KYOTOGRAPHIE Kyoto International Photography Festival” Portfolio Review and in 2017 she was invited to participate at the Paris International Contemporary Photography Art Fair, FOTOFEVER and, in 2019, was nominated for the Eberhaard Awards. In the same year, Yagi was awarded the BIG EMOTIONS AWARDS for her exhibition and production of Okurayama Studio with the designer Teruhiro Yanagihara at DESIGNART 2019.


Selected Awards:
2019   FOTOFEVER Paris, Eberhaard Awards, Nomination.
2019   Higashikawa New Photographer Awards, Nomination.
2017    FOTOFEVER Paris,  Invited Artist.
2016    Kyotographie Portfolio Review, Hasselbrad Prize, Grand Prix.


Public Collections:
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (Japan), The Reign Hotel Kyoto (Japan)


Artist Website|
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[Solo Exhibitions]

2022      “Visual/Cognition/Polarity/Universality“, √K Contemporary, Tokyo
2021      “The Record of Seeds” KYOTOGRAPHIE 2021, Ryosokuin Temple, Kyoto
2021      “Shiten to Katati”, Takashimaya Bijutu GarouX, Tokyo
2020       “Landscape of Kishira”, MOGANA, Kyoto
2019        “Blanc / Black” solo exhibition, MOGANA, Kyoto
2018        “NOWHERE”, Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo
2017        FOTOFEVER “START TO COLLECT” Roche Bobois, Paris
2017        Kyotographie International Photography Festival, “Space For Prayer” Bijuu Gallery, KYOTO
2016        Kyotographie International Photography Festival, “Collapsing World” ozasahayashi_kyoto gallery, Kyoto
2016        “YUNA YAGI – Une passion partagée pour la photographie d’architecture”, Roche Bobois, Paris
2015        “IT’S ONE-WORLD” Kyotographie International Photography Festival, ABS gallery, Kyoto

[Group Exhibitions]

2021        “Ethical Art” rooms journey, Hankyu Umeda Gallery, Osaka
2021        “Nature et art” GALLARDA GALANTE, Tokyo
2020        “Urban Contour” Ayako Kuno x Yuna Yagi dual exhibition, Garou X Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Tokyo
2020   √K Collection Winter 2022, √K Contemporary, Tokyo, Japan 
2019        “ANYTOKYO 2019” Kudan House, Tokyo
2018        “hibikiau mono” Seikoin Shita Gallery, Shimane
2017        “Hz edition #01 ori” Gallery SUGATA, Kyoto
2015        “2,3,4,5” 23 Gallery, Kyoto
2013        “Seishun” note et sort, Tokyo
2010        “Exhibition of 3” Gallery A, Kyoto


[Awards & Nominations]

2019   FOTOFEVER Paris, Eberhaard Awards, Nomination.


2019   Higashikawa New Photographer Awards, Nomination.

2017    FOTOFEVER Paris,  Invited Artist.

2016    Kyotographie Portfolio Review, Hasselbrad Prize, Grand Prix.



2018 “Voyage en Araki” by Bastien Manac’h, POLKA magazine, France



・ Break Zenya – The Next Generation of Artists (Broadcast: 2021/11/16)

An artist interview by Break Zenya, a 5-minute Japanese television program that airs each Friday from 21:55 on BS Fuji and introduces upcoming contemporary artists. (Japanese only)


・ Yuna Yagi Solo Exhibition “Visual/Cognition/Polarity/Universality” Gallery Talk|Eriko Kimura (Yokohama Museum of Art Curator) x Yuna Yagi x Moderator: Shintaro Sumimoto (Curator) @√K Contemporary』
Held on April 29, the exhibition’s inaugural gallery talk features Yokohama Museum of Art curator Eriko Kimura and the artist, moderated by independent curator, Shintaro Sumimoto. (Japanese only)