Saeko Ehara (江原 彩子)


  • Bright Girls (2023)

  • Pastel Blue Girls with the Earrings (2022)

  • Crossover (2023)

  • Alice in Digital Land (2023)


Saeko Ehara (江原 彩子) is a Kirakira (sparkling) artist and VJ based in Tokyo. Through her latest works, Ehara explores several different ways to combine AI and Generative Art to render various aspects of Kirakira. In her ongoing pursuit of various Kirakira expressions, the artist researches a myriad of technological methods without any limitation on her artistic approach. Through her work, Ehara seeks to make the world full of Kirakira

In addition to several major exhibitions worldwide, key highlights of Ehara’s growing list of achievements include her solo exhibition, Van Gogh X Japan (Theater of Digital Art, Dubai / AE); group shows, Immersive Museum TOKYO 2023 (Japan), Bright Moments Tokyo (Japan); and her feature in the publication, 100 Japanese Motion Graphic Creators NEWCOMER 100 JAPANESE MOTION GRAPHIC CREATORS, to name a few.

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2023 VerticalCrypto Art Residency, the 6th cohort
2020 UI/UXD, Digital Hollywood, Tokyo (JP), scholarship student
2010 BA, Fine Arts, Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (KABK), Den Haag (NL)​​​​​​​

[Solo Exhibitions]

2024 Art Fair Tokyo, √K Contemporary Booth, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo (JP)
2023 Project 22 “Van Gogh X Japan”, Theater of Digital Art, Dubai (AE),
2020 s p a c e, Hebel_121, Basel (CH)

[Group Exhibitions]

2023    0 // 2023 Public Visuals Exhibition (√K Contemporary, Tokyo)
2023     “Sound and Vision II” curated by ONBD, LUME Studios, New York (US)
2023     “Trader” curated by Explainer Gallery, Shanghai (CN)
2023     “Musica Classica” curated by Project 22, Theater of Digital Art, Dubai (AE)
2023     “DCENTRAL TOKYO 2023” curated by Dreamrsx, Shibuya Stream Hall, Tokyo (JP)
2023     “PUNCTUM” by Satyrus Meta Art, Scalea Bruno Zevi, Rome (IT)
2023     Haptic Drift x 0 // 2023 Public Visuals, Theaterlab, New York (US)
2023     “JAPAN LOCALS ONLY” by Superchief Gallery, Nox Gallery, Tokyo (JP)
2023     RED-EYE AI Freedom Challenge, online
2023     0 // 2023 Public Visuals Exhibition, √K Contemporary, Tokyo (JP)
2023     Superchief Gallery at WebX, International Forum, Tokyo (JP)
2023     NFT ENERGY 2, Space55, Seoul (KR)
2023     Night of Museums, Samara (RU)
2023     Bright Moments Tokyo “The Japanese Contemporary Collection”, Digital Garage, Tokyo (JP)
2023     Space55 x BLUECANVAS “NFT ENERGY”, Seoul (KR)
2023     New Media Beat, Theater of Digital Art, Dubai (AE)
2023     Unfold, “NYC EXHIBITION 2023” selected by Laurence Fuller, New York (US)
2023     AI Internet Yami-Ichi, Hodler Gallery, Miami (US)
2023     Refraction x HNT Labs show at The Black Box, Denver (US)
2023     NEW ENERGY TOKYO, Shinjuku Sumitomo Building Sankakuhiroba, Tokyo (JP)
2023     Project 22, Immersive Experience, Digital & New Media Art Exhibition, Art In Space, Dubai (AE)
2023     Dalbin Table exhibition, Paris (FR)
2023     Project 22, The Opus by Zaha Hadid, Dubai (AE)
2022 DIGITOMA 2022, Toma Unrestored, Nara (JP)
2022 “OpenLab Future Pass Collection” collaboration with Olivia Xiaolin, Aures, London (GB)
2022 Crypto Art Week Asia Tokyo 2022, DMM Azabu Satellite, Tokyo (JP)
2022 “Women of the World” curated by Studio As We Are, Nowhere Gallery NYC, New York (US)
2022 REFRACTION 02, NYC ZeroSpace, New York (US)
2022 Braw Haus x PolyOne special event, Citadel of Erbil (UNESCO World Heritage), Erbil (IQ)
2022 LOVE HEARTS EXHIBITION, Artcade at Fred Segal, Los Angels (US)
2021  DIGITOMA 2021, Toma Unrestored, Nara (JP)
2021  0 // 2021 Public Visuals Exhibition, Tokyo (JP)
2021  Die Fülle der Leere, KUNSTRAUM OKTOGON, Bern (CH)
2016  Japan im Palazzo, Kunsthalle Palazzo, Liestal (CH)

< Awards >
2023      TODA X 3IXAM “Open call for digital creators”, Theater of Digital Art, Dubai (AE), 3rd place

< Art Festivals / Biennales >
2023-2024  “The Wrong Biennale” curated by Digital Arts Blog, online
2023    CryptoArtFes, Shibuya Hikarie Creative Space 8, Tokyo (JP)
2023    GIF FEST, National Design Center, Bras Basah Bugis (SG)
2023    Taif of Roses, Taif (SA), rose festival
2023    World of Women Artfest Spring
2022    Noor Riyadh, Riyadh (SA)
2022    “Art With Me” curated by Braw Haus, Miami (US)
2020    CREATIVE CODE FESTIVAL, Lightbox, New York (US)

< Art Fairs >
2024 Art Fair Tokyo, √K Contemporary Booth, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo (JP)
2022 CADAF Art Fair 2022, Web3 NYC Gallery, New York (US)

< Publications >

< Talks & Workshops >
2023  MUTEK JP
2023  Artist talk, “0 // 2023 Public Visuals Exhibition”, √K Contemporary, Tokyo (JP)
2023  Talk, “CryptoArtFes”, Shibuya Hikarie Creative Space 8, Tokyo (JP)
2023  Talk and workshop, Konan Women’s University, Kobe (JP)
2023  “Dimensional Dreams: Crafting Animated Point Clouds with Saeko Ehara,” Diffusion Architecture (online)
2022 Right Click Live, Digital Garage Shibuya, Tokyo (JP)
2022 NFT Workshop with Saeko Ehara (3D artist / VJ) & Gil Kuno, √K Contemporary, Tokyo (JP)
2021 TouchDesigner Vol.046 Collage media & ideas to bloom your originality, Tokyo Developers Study Weekend, online
2021 Working with TouchDesigner and Adobe After Effects, Digital Hollywood, Tokyo (online)

< Subscriptions >
2022- Artpoint, Paris (FR)

< Public Commissions >
2023 Immersive Museum TOKYO 2023, Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall, Tokyo (JP)
2023 Taif of Roses, Taif (SA), rose festival
2023 World of Women Artfest Spring, online NFT festival
2022 Noor Riyadh, Riyadh (SA), international art festival
2022 The Agency for Cultural Affairs presents CULTURE GATE to JAPAN ‘+A+’, Tokyo
2022 International Cruise Terminal, Tokyo (JP), selected exhibition and online exhibition

< Private Commissions >
2023 “Phalaenopsis”, “Fantasy Garden”, “Modular and A Music Box”, “Swirling Night”, Bijoux
2023 “Yin and Yang”, Bijoux Art Fellowship
2023 “Transcendence”, Daniel Kantor
2023 Shuta Yasukochi, 8th EP “Glow In The Dark”, album cover
2022 Shuta Yasukochi, “Wishful Thinking” and “Borealis”, cassette cover
2022 Shuta Yasukochi, 7th EP “Borealis”, album cover
2022 MPC GIRL USAGI, “Space Girl feat. YonYon, Shin Sakiura”, audio visuals
2021 Shuta Yasukochi, 6th EP ‘Wishful Thinking’, album cover