Ha Haengeun (하 행은)


  • Little Rider - NOTHING, 2022

  • Little Rider - Peace, 2022


Ha Haengeun (b. 1985) is a painter based in Seoul, South Korea. Ha majored in art at Hongik University, where she indulged in Oriental painting, Oriental philosophy, Zen, and Indian mysticism. and had an interest in art from an early age. Her works, derived from her curiosity and interest in self-identity, present stories of nature, humanity, art, and everyday life through her canvases.

Simultaneously a baby, a girl, and an elderly woman, her figures reveal the circle of life as a single figure. Deviating from ideas of beauty, these figures present a certain freedom that allows for youth and age to coexist within one figure. By presenting two, supposedly, disparate notions as one, Ha’s works offer a sense of harmony. Inspired by a personal experience, Ha’s reinterpretation of death and birth, began when she looked at a newborn and was reminded of an old man. Through this, the artist felt that the newborn was in a state of freedom, and in contact with an unknown boundary. Her works, while also based on reality, draw and present motifs from classical art.

Ha has exhibited her works in various countries, from Korea to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Austria, Germany, Spain, France, and more. Future exhibitions are also scheduled to be held in various venues worldwide.

Artist Website: http://hahaengeun.com/